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Workshops Workshops

DEFT & LEED currently offers a variety of digital design and professional communication workshops. Workshops feature “hands-on” training and are limited to 4 students.

Customized Training Customized Training

We also offer customized training for organizations. Please contact us if you are interested in having DEFT & LEED customize a workshop or course for your organization.

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One-to-One Consultations One-to-One Consultations

DEFT & LEED offers one-to-one consultations. These consultations not only provide instant support on a specific challenge but impart skills a client can draw upon in similar future tasks.

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Observing the realities of a global marketplace and the growth of a gig economy, we friends - and now founders of DEFT & LEED Training Institute - envisioned an institute where individuals learned the skills needed to carve out a viable career path.

We believe the skills that make us competitive are best taught by professionals who have used these skills daily and can train us how to apply them.

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